This list is a shorter version of one on p. 12 of Speiser’s new book for those who are interested in reporting a field encounter of l-m braiding to the L-M BRIC.

1. No. of braiders

     A. braider only

     B. braider & beater

     C. 2 braiders & a beater

     D. other

2. Loops are mounted:

     A. on fingers

     B. around the hands

3. No. of loops:

4. Place name (country, city, village, etc.) where the record was taken.

In the case of 2A (Loops are mounted on fingers)
2A?1 Hand position:

     A. palms facing each other

     B. palms up

     C. palms down

2A?2 Operator

     A. index finger

     B. small finger

     C. ring finger

     D. other

If possible ask:

What the braids are used for

The name of the braider(s)

Technique and color pattern

The name of the technique (if there is any)

Where, when and how the braider(s) learned the technique

It would be super if samples could be obtained!!

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